Planning Committee

Planning Committee

2017 ELSI Congress Planning Committee

Committee Co-Chairs

  • Paul Appelbaum, Columbia University Medical Center
  • Charlie Wray, Jackson Laboratory

Columbia University Medical Center Participants

  • Manuela Cangiamila
  • Rachel Yarmolinsky

Jackson Laboratories/University of Connecticut Participants

  • Chris Hyers
  • Juliet Kapsis
  • Erin McDevitt
  • Cara Workman

National Human Genome Research Institute Participants

  • Barb Biesecker
  • Vence Bonham
  • Joy Boyer
  • Larry Brody
  • Maggie Ginoza
  • Dave Kaufman
  • Nicole Lockhart
  • Jean McEwen

Other Participants

  • Joon Ho-Yu, University of Washington
  • Eric Juengst, University of North Carolina
  • Kriste Kuczynski, University of North Carolina
  • Sandra Lee, Stanford University
  • Amy McGuire, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Wendy Uhlmann, University of Michigan

Additional Reviewers

  • Liz Cohn, Columbia University
  • Abby Fyer, Columbia University
  • Jo Phelan, Columbia University
  • Deborah Skinner, University of North Carolina