Abstracts from the 2017 ELSI Congress are available here below.

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Session A Abstracts:  A1 Clayton, McGuire, Wolf; A2 Davis; A3 Garrison, Hiratsuka, LeClerc-Bain, Spicer; A4 Bernhardt, Henderson, Pacyna, Sabatello, Werner-Lin;

Session B Abstracts: B2 Botkin, Kraft; B3 Bentson, Berkman, Joffe, Tabor; B4 Ahn, Fullerton, Roberts, Van Riper

Session C Abstracts: C1 Spector-Bagdady; C2 Brelsford, Hammack, Waring; C4 Butterfield, Gordon, Wang, Yracheta

Session D Abstracts: D1 LaBerge; D2 Magnus; D3 Koenig; D4 Contraras, Cwik, Guerrini; D5 Lewis, May, Schwartz

Session E Abstracts: E1 Rumbold; E2 Brothers; E3 Finlay, Lee, Pack; E4 Burke, Morar, Phillips, Sankar

Session F Abstracts: F1 Hoffmann; F2 Boyce; F3 Reedy; F4 De Vries, Kaye, Krenz, Masiye, Villanueva

Session G Abstracts: G1 Hahn; G3 Meahger, Neuahus, Rothstein, Yu; G4 Fischer, McGuire, Nelson, O’Doherty

Session H Abstracts;  H1 Goldenberg; H2 Johnston; H3 Capps, Conley, Persad, Senier; H4 Curtis, Lappe, Marenco, Novak